Your Wellness Baseline

LAB 1.1: Your Wellness Baseline




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Completing a wellness profile will help you inventory your strengths and identify areas of wellness on which to focus.




1. Describe your strengths for each component of wellness listed here.


Physical wellness: To maintain overall physical health and engage in appropriate illness prevention practices





Emotional wellness: To feel optimistic and deal constructively with your feelings and self-confidence





Intellectual wellness: To pursue and retain knowledge, think critically, and make good decisions by identifying problems and finding solutions






Spiritual wellness: To establish values that give purpose and meaning to your life; to develop faith in something beyond yourself





Interpersonal and social wellness: To develop and maintain meaningful relationships with a network of friends, family members, and community members







Environmental wellness: To minimize the negative effects of your behavior on the environment and to feel comfortable with your sense of place





Occupational wellness: To enhance your contentment with your work and career





Financial wellness: To manage finances by living within your means and staying out of debt when reasonable to do so





2. Next, identify your five most important strengths.










3. Indicate where you fall for each dimension on the following continuum.


  Low level of wellness Physical, psychological, emotional symptoms


Change and growth High level of wellness


Physical wellness


Emotional wellness


Intellectual wellness


Spiritual wellness


Interpersonal and

social wellness


Environmental wellness


Occupational wellness


Financial wellness