World Cultures Final Paper

Topic: Chinese Civil War

You must be able to clearly articulate the significance of the War (How does your project inform our understanding of the country?) and place it in context by also demonstrating an understanding of the time period(20th century) (How did it alter how things had been?). 

The question you will be asked to answer in your thesis statement,  is the following:  

How did this War significantly change the country’s culture (and, if applicable, that of the world)?

Formal requirements:

1. Clearly identified thesis

2. Minimum of 4 pages (not including cover page or reference page)

3. Minimum of 6 source

CONTENT: The paper should include each of the sections named in bold below.

Make sure you clearly label each of the following sections, including subheadings within your paper; failure to do so will result in a 10-point penalty.

1. Introduction: Introduce your topic and clearly state your thesis.

2. Background: Historical/biographical information on your specific topic

3. Preceding Culture: Information on the country’s culture before your chosen topic came on the scene. Focus in on the particular aspects your topic was to change.

4. Major changes: Specific examples that support your stated thesis, showing the changes your topic brought about, both immediately and in the years that followed.

5. Effects: Aspects of culture that exist today and were made possible/influenced by your topic. Again, should reinforce thesis.

6. Reference page: you must have a minimum of six (6) sources(must have index citation and refrence page). Don’t use Wikipedia!

Make sure to follow the specific instructions below:

Papers should follow basic APA format (including cover page, reference page, intext citations, and double-spaced, 12-point font)

No plagiarizing.

please write in college level, no PHD work!