Learning Resources

This page contains the Learning Resources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of the assigned resources for this week. To view this week’s media resources, please use the streaming media player below.

Required Resources

  • Course Text: Teaching and Learning in a Diverse World
    • Chapter 4, “The Context of Race” (pp. 69–84, up to “How to Learn What Children Know, Think, and Feel about Race”)
    • Chapter 5, “The Economic Context: Social Class and Consumerism” (pp. 87–100, up to “How to Learn What Children Know, Think, and Feel about Social Class and Consumerism”)
  • Web Article: Hidden Bias: A Primer About Stereotypes and Prejudices


  • Note: This article connects you with the “Race Test” and the “Gender Test” you took last week. This week, click on and read about the four topics listed on the left-hand side of the page:
    • About Stereotypes and Prejudices
    • About Hidden Bias
    • The Effects of Prejudice and Stereotypes
    • What You Can Do About Unconscious Stereotypes and Prejudices


  • Video: Laureate Education (Producer). (2004). Microaggressions [Video file]. Retrieved from https://class.waldenu.edu

    Note: The approximate length of this media piece is 20 minutes.

    Dr. Derald Wing Sue discusses the “everyday indignities” endured by marginalized groups as a result of bias, both deliberate and unintentional


    Optional Resources


      • Web Article: What if All the Children Are White? Historical and Research Background


      • Article: With New Eyes: Ideas for More Effective Teaching in a Multicultural Environment (PDF)
      • Web Site:Understanding Prejudice



        Content Review


        • Respond to each item. Each response should be concise and between 2–3 paragraphs in length.
        • Use MS Word to write your responses, and submit your answers to all three questions in one Word document.
        • Copy and paste each question within the document, so that your Instructor can see which question that you are responding to.
        1. On pages 70 and 71 of the course text, author Patricia Ramsey discusses the concept of racial privilege. Define this concept in your own words and explain how it relates to the concept of colorblindedness.
        2. Summarize at least three effects of persistent poverty and then explain why many children growing up in poor families succeed in school and in life citing your Learning Resources for this week to validate your thinking and ideas.
        3. Based on what you have learned this week, explain whether you agree or disagree with the following statement: Once prejudice develops, there is no going back. Cite examples from the learning resources to substantiate your thinking and ideas.