What parts of the nervous system control each muscle type?

After exploring the content for this module, you should be ready to discuss the topics at a deeper level with your classmates. The central nervous system integrates sensory information and initiates the pathways necessary to generate an appropriate response. Your task is to explore the muscular system and how the nervous system influences this organ system.

You should spend approximately 4 hours on this assignment.


  1. Prepare a written post of at least 300 words responding to the follow bullet points:
    1. Describe the structure (gross and histological) and function of the three types of muscle tissue.
    2. Identify structural similarities between skeletal muscle and nervous tissue, focusing on prominent, specialized subcellular structures and organization of fibers.
    3. What parts of the nervous system control each muscle type? Think about lobes, nuclei, ganglia, tracts, etc.
    4. Predict how each of the three muscle types may be affected when a patient suffers from a stroke.
  2. Consult the resources that are posted to your own post, and explain why each resource is or isn’t a valid resource.
  3. All references must be cited using APA Style format. Please refer to the CCCOnline APA Citation Toolkit.

Sources must be reliable websites