What has kept the United States from living up to its ideals?

2/16/22, 4:00 PM Writing Assignment #2

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Writing Assignment #2

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In Federalist Paper no. 10 James Madison presents part of his vision of what America could be because of the structure of the Constitution—a representative republic free from the oppression of minority or majority factions. Many of the texts for this course present a similar notion of what America can or should be (i.e. a democratic, egalitarian society). But, these texts also address the ways in which we have failed to live up to this ideal or how we have failed to “achieve our country”…

Primary Question:

For this assignment begin writing an argumentative, thesis-driven essay answering the following questions:

Have we failed to achieve our country? Why or why not?

If so, what has kept the United States from living up to its ideals? If not, in what ways has the US lived up to its ideals?

And, is it possible to achieve our country with our Constitution in its current state? Why or why not?



You must have a debatable/argumentative thesis statement. To address this question you must use Federalist Paper no. 10, The Constitution, How Democratic is the American Constitution?, How Democracies Die. You must also use at least 2 of the following sources (Uneasy Alliances, Democracy in Black, White Rage)

DO NOT incorporate outside research unless you have cleared it with your TA. DO NOT cite lecture. Go to the sources themselves. Lecture will not count as a valid source.

1750-2000 words (double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1” margins) Use whatever formatting style you prefer unless your TA specifies their preference. Cover page including your name, TA’s name, class, date, title of paper, and one paragraph (200-300 words [does not count towards your overall word count]) explaining how you incorporated your TA’s



2/16/22, 4:00 PM Writing Assignment #2

https://elearn.ucr.edu/courses/35132/assignments/301852 2/2

comments into your revised draft as well as any particular parts of the paper you would like them to focus on. In-text citations as well as a works cited page


Please remember, this is a rough draft. You will likely not have a fully articulated argument in this assignment. But we want to see that you have engaged with the material and are moving in the direction of original scholarship. Because this is a rough draft, your grade will largely be dependent on the existence of an argument (even though it may not be fully articulated), your understanding of the material, the use of resources, and the quality of writing. Meeting all of the requirements above will also factor into your grade.