Unit 2: Reflection Assignment (Prepare)Submit Assignment Points 50Submitting a website url, a media recording, or a file uploadIntroduction In this unit we have discussed various aspects of an individ

Unit 2: Reflection Assignment (Prepare)Submit Assignment

  • Points 50
  • Submitting a website url, a media recording, or a file upload


In this unit we have discussed various aspects of an individual learner, the environment around learning, and the mindset of lifelong learners.


For this assignment, choose between one of the following reflection activities. Based on the information we covered in this unit explore the various concepts using the questions provided. 

Choose ONE of the following

Option #1

In this unit, you explored the concept of “mindset” — specifically, the differences between fixed and growth mindsets.  Read the following scenario and answer the guided question. You will submit a short reflection in the format of a written paper, a video, or audio recording. 

Imagine you are in a class you are struggling with. This is a class in your major, so it seems like it should be easy — but it is not. You’ve spent a great deal of time studying the core concepts, met individually with your instructor to discuss your challenges, and formed a study group with classmates. But after your first major assignment is handed back, you see that you have earned a low grade. In fact, this is the lowest grade you’ve ever gotten on a major assignment. This feels like a major setback, and you begin to doubt your choice of major. Then comes the kicker: your instructor contacts you and says, “I’d like to meet to discuss your performance in the class.”

In your response:

  1. Explain how a person with a fixed mindset might respond to this situation
  2. Explain how a person with a growth mindset would respond.

Option #2

Review The Learning Scientists- “6 Habits of Highly Effective Students (Links to an external site.)”. After reviewing the six learning strategies, create a short video (1-2 minutes) in which you demonstrate the learning strategy to the entire class. (Your instructor may decide to assign specific learning strategies to specific students.) 

Your video should include:

  • A short overview of the learning strategy
  • A demonstration of the learning strategy
  • Recommendations to students for how to use this learning strategy to study
  • Recommendation to instructors for how to incorporate this learning strategy into their teaching

Canvas Instructions for Posting a Video (Links to an external site.)

Note: If are in an online section and do have access to video creation technology, contact your instructor immediately for accommodations. If you are in a face-to-face or blended section of LE100, your instructor may provide additional instructions for how to complete this assignment.