The Minority Health Matters assignment

In Chapters 10–12 of the text, it is clear that the United States has a long way to go in terms of caring for and treating those in need. As you read, minorities in the United States typically have the most significant morbidity and mortality rates across all diseases. In this assignment, focus on one of the minority populations listed below and provide a complete overview of the population and the health issues they face. In your assignment you must address the following:

· Population size

· Primary locations of residence (region, state, cities)

· Projected growth

· Brief history of this population (country/continent of origin, primary time of migration to the United States, key hardships faced from initial growth to today) *If you choose American Indian/Alaskan Native, you can change country/continent of origin and primary time of migration to tribal areas in the United States and size of reservations.*

· The rates of heart disease, stroke, and cancer in this population and how these rates compare to the U.S. average (As you read, heart disease, stroke, and cancer are the top three causes of mortality across the United States, so this comparison will demonstrate if your chosen population suffers more or less from these diseases.)

· The suspected causes for the higher (or lower) rates of heart disease, stroke, and cancer compared to others not in this population

· Aside from heart disease, stroke, and cancer, address the unique diseases and ailments that target this population (e.g., Tay Sachs disease has a higher incidence in the Jewish population.)

· Why these unique diseases and ailments are suspected of affecting this population more than others

· What programs exist to help this population with all of the above illnesses and diseases

· What barriers exist to your population using these programs more

· What program(s) you would like to see put into place to assist this population

· Why you believe your program would be successful in areas where others have failed

· Knowing the areas most dense with your population, the contact information for the nearest public health office

Minority population groups:

Asian/Pacific Islander.

The Minority Health Matters assignment

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