The English language evolves.

1. The English language evolves. Some scholars think we are in the middle of a new evolution, where text and instant messaging lingo and spelling will be widely accepted and the rules we learned in school will be passe’. What do you think? Explain your response in a paragraph or two.

2. What status and connection differences among males and females does Dr. Deborah Tannen reveal her her video “Gender-Specific Language Rituals” featured in the Week 4 Learning Resources (;;    ? Have you observed these rituals in children and/or adults? What about your own communication? Explain your answer.  

Gender-Specific Language Rituals Video

3. Provide a detailed summary of Dr. Tannen’s video entitled “That’s Not What I Meant! Signals, Devices, and Rituals” found in the Week 4 Learning Resources. In your summary be sure to address the following questions: What conversational signals, devices and rituals does Tannen address? What are the influences on conversational style (include the big five)?  

Deborah Tannen: That’s Not What I Meant! – Signals, Devices, and Rituals Video

4. Explain the difference between rapport and report talk as revealed the in video entitled “Men and Women Talking Together” from the Week 4 Learning Resources. The video is a little dated, but the differences are still widely acknowledged today. 

Men and Woman Talking Together Video