Teamwork in My Career Field report

Research how teams are used in your career field. Sources may include books, journal articles, Internet websites, professional associations, and informational interviews* with professionals in your career field.(*Use this assignment as an opportunity to increase your career networking.) Describe the types of teams and other group work (such as staff meetings) that are common in your career field. Describe the importance of teamwork, characteristics of effective teams, barriers to teamwork, suggestions for improving teamwork, and what teamwork skills you need to be successful in your career. Summarize your findings in a typed report.

Type report single spaced. Typical length is 2 to 4 pages. To save paper, you don’t need to use a title page and place references at the end of the paper, not on a separate page. Use the citation style used in your career field for in-text citations and references. For example, health care professions use the AMA style (American Medical Association), and social sciences (including Communication) use the APA style (American Psychological Association). Engineers use many different styles: IEEE style (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ACS style (American Chemical Society), and ASME style (American Society of Mechanical Engineers); to name a few.

The due date for the Teamwork in My Career Field report is flexible — allowing you time to contact a professional in your field. The stated due date is July 9