Take a position for or against vaccinations




[Post First Discussion] Module 01 Discussion – To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

Vaccination are a standard practice in healthcare as a form a disease  prevention. A growing number of parents today choose not to vaccinate or  to only partially vaccinate their children. For your discussion post,  you are to take a position for or against vaccinations and write 2-3  paragraphs (a paragraph is a minimum of 4-5 sentences) using two  scholarly resources to support your position. Be sure to acknowledge the  sources you do end up using.

Module 01 Pathophysiology Project – Choose your Disease

Choose your disease and write a 1 paragraph (a paragraph is a minimum of  4-5 sentences) explaining your reasons for choosing this particular  disease. Remember, you must choose a specific disease, so if a disease  occurs in more than one form, choose only one.


Amber Arceo

Mod 1 Vaccination


The topic of vaccinations has been widely discussed among physicians and parents. Some of the first questions parents tend to ask is “Is it safe?” and “Is it mandatory?” With any immunization there are chances of a reaction. A persons reaction can be different form another due to their environment, genetics, and immune deficiencies. (Maron, 2015) We have to ask ourselves if the possible reactions or side effects are enough to completely reject the ideal of a vaccine. My personal response to this question is no.

For example, because of vaccines the elimination of the smallpox epidemic was officially eradicated in 1979 after killing 300 million people in the 20th century. (Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Smallpox Eradication, 2020) The vaccine has undoubtedly save countless lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, life threatening side effects of the smallpox vaccination has been rare. Life threatening side effects that have been reported with smallpox include inflammation of the brain or a large non healing sore. Based on past experience, it is estimated that 1 to 2 people out of every one million people vaccinated could die as a result of life-threatening reactions to the vaccine. (Side Effects of Smallpox Vaccination, 2017)

However, it is also recommended by doctors that vaccines not be given to those who have a medical condition that could be negatively effected by a vaccine. It is ideal that vaccines only be given to a person who is perceived as a good candidate. For example, my oldest child can not have the flu vaccine due to a medical condition and his body’s reaction. This brings us the discussion of mandatory vaccines. I do not believe that vaccinations should be mandatory at this time. There are several Americans who may have underlining illness that could cause life threatening reaction’s to a vaccine. This can include children and the elderly. I personally believe that enforcing vaccinations on those who could have negative or possible life threatening reactions would be inhumane.

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