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The purpose of the study guide is to help you outline the readings for the unit and to give you a place to note the key points of each section. Each study guide outlines the chapter/reading for you and gives you a space to fill in key points under each heading. You should write a brief paragraph (4–6 sentences) under each sub-heading for the paper (see the “write summary here” area).

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Chapter 10: Creating Writers: Teaching Children to Write Well

The Essentials of Teaching Writing

  • Children Need Time to Write

  • Children Need Regular Response to Their Writing from the Teacher, Their Peers, and Others

  • Children Need to Publish Their Writings

  • Children Need to Choose Most of the Topics They Write About

  • Children Need to Hear Their Teachers Talk Through What They Are Doing as They Write

  • Children Need Opportunities to Study the Work of Published Writers

  • Children Need to Maintain Collections of Their Work to Create a Portrait of Their Writing History

  • Children Need Teachers Who Explicitly Teach Writing, Not Just Make Writing Assignments

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Preparing the Classroom Environment

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The Structure of the Teaching of Writing: The Components of Writing Workshop

  • Focus Lesson

  • Writing Time

  • Teacher-Student Conferences

  • Sharing

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Using Technology in the Teaching of Writing

  • Special Feature 10.1 Integrating Technology into Writing

  • Trade Secret 10.4 MY Access!: An Internet Writing Program

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The Explicit Teaching of Writing

  • Lessons About the Characteristics or Traits of Writing

  • Writing Process Lessons

  • Mechanical Skills Lessons

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Family Focus: Connecting Home and School

  • Table 10.2 Types of Family Writing

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Writing Instruction: Strategies for Children with Special Needs

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Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners: How Can We Help?

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Whole Unit Summary

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