simple law question

Consider again the case of Missy Benevidez. You are a LNC working for an attorney who is considering representation of Missy Benevidez in a claim against ABC Pharmaceuticals. Ms. Benevidez, age 25, has just discovered that she has cervical cancer, which she believes is linked to her mother’s ingestion of DES while she was pregnant with Missy. ABC Pharmaceuticals is the company that produced the DES prescribed by Missy’s mother’s physician 25 years ago. Research has shown that daughters of women who have taken DES during pregnancy have a high risk of contracting cervical cancer in their early 20’s.

Your supervising attorney has asked you to conduct the initial client interview of Ms. Benevidez. Describe the setting you think would be best for the interview and prepare questions for each stage of the initial client interview. Include in your list at least 2-3 background questions, 5 pre-event questions, 5 event questions, and 2-3 post-event questions.

Setting for the Interview:

The initial client interview with Ms. Benevidez should be conducted in a comfortable and private setting that fosters a sense of trust and confidentiality. To ensure a conducive environment for the interview, it would be ideal to conduct it in a meeting room at the attorney’s office. The room should be well-lit, free from distractions, and equipped with comfortable seating arrangements for both the attorney and the client. Additionally, it would be helpful to have any necessary documents, such as medical records and relevant research articles, readily available during the interview.

Background Questions:
1. Could you please provide some background information about yourself, including your personal and professional history?
2. Can you tell me about your relationship with your mother and any discussions you’ve had regarding her use of DES during her pregnancy?

Pre-Event Questions:
1. When did you first become aware of the potential link between DES exposure and cervical cancer?
2. What prompted you to suspect that your cervical cancer might be related to your mother’s ingestion of DES?
3. Have you undergone any medical examinations or consultations prior to this diagnosis? If so, what were the results and opinions provided by the medical professionals?
4. Do you have any knowledge or documentation about the specific brand or manufacturer of the DES your mother ingested?
5. Have you been in contact with other individuals who may have been exposed to DES during their mother’s pregnancy and subsequently developed cervical cancer?

Event Questions:
1. Can you provide a detailed account of your medical history leading up to the discovery of cervical cancer, including any symptoms, diagnoses, and treatments?
2. How did you learn about your diagnosis of cervical cancer, and what was your initial reaction?
3. Can you describe the impact of this diagnosis on your personal and professional life?
4. What efforts have you made to understand the potential link between your mother’s DES ingestion and your cervical cancer? Have you sought any expert opinions or legal advice prior to contacting our law firm?
5. Do you have any additional information or evidence that you believe may support your claim against ABC Pharmaceuticals?

Post-Event Questions:
1. How has the discovery of the potential link between DES exposure and cervical cancer affected your emotional well-being?
2. What are your expectations and desired outcomes from pursuing legal action against ABC Pharmaceuticals?
3. How would you like our law firm to assist you throughout this process?

These questions serve as a starting point for the initial client interview with Ms. Benevidez, allowing the attorney to gather essential background information, understand the client’s perspective, and assess the potential merits of the case. It is crucial to approach the interview with empathy, actively listening to the client’s experiences, concerns, and goals while providing support and guidance.