Reviewing a case study about Eliza D

CNL-610 Eliza D Case Study: Part Two

Directions: Throughout this course you will be reviewing a case study about Eliza D. The information from the case study will be used to complete several different course assignments. Read part two of Eliza’s case study below for the completion of your Topic 4 and 5 assignments.

Four Week Later: You receive a call from Campus Police that Eliza was found unresponsive in her dorm room that morning when her roommate alerted them she could not wake her from sleep. Visible cuts are on both wrists, and an empty wine bottle is beside her in the bed. Upon further searching, the police also find a half empty bottle of Tylenol PM in the bathroom.

The roommate reports Eliza was very upset yesterday after class when she found out two of her grades in main Engineering classes dropped to a C average, so instead of going to tutorials, she went to a bar and had too much to drink. The roommate said a mutual friend called her to pick up Eliza and drive her back to campus, which she did, and got her safely in the dorm. The roommate said that when she left to get dinner around 9pm, Eliza was still asleep, but when she got back around 1am, Eliza was sitting up in bed drinking wine from the bottle and was still visibly upset. The roommate said Eliza had been ignoring calls from her parents all evening and called to cancel her counseling appointment for the next day. The roommate said they turned off the lights around 2am, and she doesn’t recall hearing Eliza get up during the night. She called the RA and campus police when she tried to wake Eliza at 7am to get ready for their 8am class and saw the empty wine bottle and couldn’t get Eliza to wake up.

Following transport to the hospital and examination, Eliza regains consciousness and admits to you she attempted suicide because ‘she just couldn’t take it anymore…. everything is too hard.’ She is adamant she does not want her parents to know, but also admits she’s not sure if she can go back to classes after spring break.

Upon review of her case with Campus Life and Student Affairs’ personnel over residence life, Eliza is allowed back to school on academic probation with the condition of attending tutoring twice per week (instead of going every day, which was causing stress); attending counseling twice per week at the University Counseling Center; and attending alcohol education classes once per week for the rest of the semester.

Assignments from this point: Safety Planning, Re-Assessment, What to Consider with Notifying Family, Arrangement for Higher Level of Care if Needed (e.g., Drinking has escalated despite counseling and alcohol classes, which could indicate higher LOC)

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