Respond draft

You will write one response essay for each of the three main texts that we read as a class. Individual topics for these essays will grow out of your dialogue journal entries and our class discussions. Outside research is not required for the response essays, but you must properly cite the words and ideas you copy from out texts and our supplemental readings.

            Each response essay should be 4-6 pages long in MLA format. A page of academic text is 12pt Times New Roman or Arial font, double spaced, with one-inch margins all around.


There are many moving parts that contribute to the plot of American Gods. For your response essay choose one thing to focus on and analyze the role it plays in the novel. You might choose to focus on a character (Laura, Wednesday, Bilquis), an object (the coins, Czernobog’s hammer, the klunker), a place or setting (Lakeside, backstage, the world tree), or an idea (death, sex, belief). The examples contained in this prompt are not exhaustive, and you are welcome to identify a focus that is not listed here.


American Gods: The Tenth Anniversary Edition

and I will upload my diganolal journal