Principles of Interpersonal Communication, homework help


Principles of Interpersonal Communication

Principles of Interpersonal Communication

Consider the eight principals for communication effectiveness, starting on p. 25 of your textbook:

Principle 1:We Cannot Not Communicate

Principle 2:Interpersonal Communication is Irreversible

Principle 3:Interpersonal Communication Involved Ethical Choices

Principle 4:People Construct Meanings in Interpersonal Communication

Principle 5:Metacommunication Affects Meanings

Principle 6:Interpersonal Communication Develops and Sustains Relationships

Principle 7:Interpersonal Communication Is Not a Panacea

Principle 8:Interpersonal Communication Effectiveness Can Be Learned

Which of these principles do you feel is most important? Why? Please explain with at least one example.