PowerPoint Presentation and Handout format Instructions for Professor Anthony

Note- Both the Essay and Presentation are about Modernism age, which is 1800-1960s time, not now. 

Powerpoint Presentation Format Instructions-

1. It’s only a 10 minutes Presentation, thus don’t put a lot of contents, otherwise, I will fail to finish it in 10 minutes. Only put the summaries of the essay in 10 slides.

The 1st slide should be about the definition of Modernity and Modernism and a little introduction of relating those to the development of the machine and technology of that age. 2nd-7th slide is about the body contents of the presentation. The 8th slide will be 2/3 questions for the audiences(refer to the handout instructions). The 9th slide is the conclusion of my presentation and the 10th slide is the reference list.

2. Don’t put all the written information on the powerpoint slides as you did in the last powerpoint, use related photos and few words instead in slide 2-7. Should not look too messy. 

3. Put the descriptive information in an extra .docx file that I am going to present for each slide, I am going to read that information to the class while changing each slide.

4. So the statements should cover my 10 minutes presentation including the 1-minute question session for 8th slide and excluding the 10th slide which is the reference list.

5. Summary of the whole instruction for the Powerpoint for your understanding:

1st slide- definition of definition of Modernity and Modernism and a little introduction of relating those to the development of the machine and technology of that age in few words.

2nd-7th slide- Photos and little main pieces of information. Descriptive information in and extra .docx file that will be in my hand while I presenting(don’t forget to put slide number please so that I know which slide I am reading). :p

8th slide- A 1-minute related question session at the 8th slide, there will be 2/3 questions for the audiences. I will through those questions to the audiences, they will answer. But don’t forget to put the answers in the .docx file so that I know the answers. :p

9th slide- It’s the conclusion of the whole presentation.

10th slide-  It’s the reference list.

Handout Format Instructions-

The handout is just about giving a shortcut idea to the audiences that what I am presenting, not the whole contents. Please find the attached photos below. 

1. 1st photo is the tutorial provided by the lecturer to show how a 500 words handout should look like. (It will have photos, table, questions, answers etc.)

2. the 2nd and 3rd photos are of another students handout to show you an example. You’ll find that the student didn’t answer few questions in the handout in order to engage the class. You put those answers please while preparing the handout so that I know the answer. :p

3. These attached examples are just to show you the format, your contents obviously going to be different.

That’s all about the format of the Presentation. Thanks and Good Luck. 🙂