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You recently started a new job as a customer service manager at Saint Catherine Children’s Hospital. In the past week, you have received several complaints from the parents of patients regarding the cleanliness of the rooms. By sending out effective messages to the right people, you have the ability to change the image of the hospital as seen by the customers and the community.


In reacting to the scenario above, think about which actions would yield the best results. Be sure to address all of the items below in order to receive the maximum credit for your work.

Determine the steps that you would take to plan an effective and efficient business message. List these steps in the order that you feel would be most effective and state the reasons for your choices. Include the following in your plan.

  • Who do you think would be the most appropriate person(s) to contact regarding these complaints?
  • Explain which of the following methods of communication would be most appropriate in delivering your message: oral, written, visual, or electronic?