Need help wording my answers better for communications class; below are questions regarding the course my answers

Need help wording my answers better for communications class; below are questions regarding the course my answers

are below the questions, just want to be able to better word my answers.

  • What works, what doesn’t? 

I felt as the discussions did not only help the communication between my fellow students but also to get a different perspective on their thoughts for the subject that week. It gave me a different point of view and times helped me understand the reading, lesson in a different way. this also helping me understand and see the difference in culture even here in our class.

  • will update all the lectures? Any suggestions? Longer/shorter? Only voice & PowerPoint?

I actually enjoyed the video lectures, it felt as being in a classroom without having to leave my home. I have to take online classes due to my children being so young and sometimes miss out on the actual classroom feel. I enjoyed being able to have another form of learning besides the textbook.

  • How was the text? Did you actually read? 

I did read the textbook, found it interesting and informative, it was filled with information and I especially enjoyed the summary’s at the end of the chapter.

  • What about the module Assignments? Quizzes? 

As you stated this was a fast course and therefore work was a lot heavier than most courses. I believe this is the first course I felt a bit overwhelmed in. I took summer courses that were also fast course but for some reason I felt this one was than I struggled more with. The assignments were lengthy and with the amount of work given I felt as it should have been worth more points. The quizzes were the same as other courses, self explanatory the only difference was that these were timed and I felt as that didn’t give me enough time to write on the essay portions.

  • How’s the workload (remember, this is a condensed course)? It is supposed to be heavier than normal.

The workflow kept me on my toes, I tried to stay on top of the assignments and to keep that A but the amount of work was a bit overwhelming for me. I must admit that I felt a bit down after working so hard to keep up and somehow wasn’t able to. Its understanding that due to the time we have for this class this is un-avoidable.

  • If you’re familiar with other online courses, how did this course compare?

As stated before this was oddly enough the one course I have struggled the most with, the course wasn’t hard to follow it was just an overwhelming amount of work.