music presentation: 6-7 slides (PowerPoint)+one page (Word)

I want you to do a PowerPoint presentations with 6-7 slides about the composer   Leonard Bernstein and one of his famous composition. 

In the PowerPoint slide should only write the tittle and the subtitles and the major information and the explanations and the details of these major point should be written in one page which I can print it and read from it to the class

These are the instructions of the presentations :

The Assignment: Select a single music composition from the 20th

century. Explain to the class something about the composer, the culture

around the music, and the composition itself. This can be a song, a work for

orchestra or other ensemble, music from theater, dance, musicals and film,

or from video games and more.

Do online research to learn about this composition. Please do go beyond

Wikipedia; an easy way to do this is to look in the citations/references

section of a Wikipedia article, and find websites that can give you


Find a video of the music, and if possible, select a video that shows a

performance of the work.

Explain to the class aspects of the composition, such as:( slides topics)

* story of the writing of this music

* very brief bio of the composer

* related compositions that preceded it in time

* time/place setting where it was written

* innovations found in the composition

* significance and meaning of the composition

Short video of the composition  

* your own description of and reaction to the composition


* Prepare a talk (of about 5-7 minutes in duration, including the video)