movie review essay

 Write an two page essay based on the movie: Robbie Robertson ~ Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy [full]. The essay must contain answers of the following questions. MLA format is required and all the citation must be listed in mla format as well. This essay must be created by the writer and contains new ideas. 

1. Is this album intended for, reservation Indian people, urban Indian people, non-Native people or all?  Please explain in detial.

2.  How does Robie Robertson “reflect” his Native heritage within this work?  Hint: It will be important to have conducted some outside research on Robertson as well as the album in order to address this question with clarity.

3.  How can one gain a “reading of Indian culture” from this musical work?  In other words, “where is the Indian re/presentation within this sonic document?”

4.  Does this work demonstrate Native assimilation, Native acculturation, Native knowledge, Native resistance, or all?  How?  Explain in detail.