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A. Creative Brief

Client contact information:


Prepared by: 

1. Background/ Overview:

2. What is the objective or purpose of this advertisement?

3. Target Audience: who are we talking to?

4. What is the single most important thing to say?

5. What are the supporting rational and emotional reasons to believe and buy?

6. What else will assist creative development?

7. Are there any mandatory requirements?

8. Are there any legal or ethical consideration?

  • The Communications Council Code of Ethics
  • Competition and Consumer Act 2010 

9. Schedule

• Date ____ initial creative review of through pencil sketch ideas.

• Date _____ review revised creative. Half size, with colour, hand, or computer created.

• Date ______ final internal creative presentation. Same finished as previous round.

  • Date _____ client creative and media presentation, full size, full colour, hand or computer created.
  • Date _____ print ads delivered to publication.

10. Budget

B. One Email to confirm that you have agreement on:

– The central idea/ creative concept

– The mass print media to be used

C. One Email to confirm time, schedule, budget requirement for creating advertisement

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MAGILLMagill College Pty Led Trading as Magill College SydneyABN : 67 090 050 990|CRICOS Provider Code : 01994M RTO NO : 91367Tel : ( + 61 2/ 8061 6980 Fax : ( + 612/ 9267 1711 www . magill . edu . auAppendix 1 – Advertising brief : BackgroundRSPCA Background InformationThe Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was established in 1875 . TheSociety began in South Australia due to concern over the horses that worked on the tramsdown King William Street . A small group of concerned animal lovers felt the horses wereunfairly subjected to extreme heat and exhaustive work and triumphed in obtaining betterconditions for the animals .The RSPCA in South Australia evolved from this small group of dedicated , caring people*and while the shelters , staff and facilities have changed , the ethos driving the society is verymuch the same .As the years go by , the issue of money is a constant concern . Total annual operating costsin South Australia alone are now in the vicinity of $5 , 000, 000 and for a not-for – profit , nongovernment organisation this figure is extremely daunting .The RSPCA are the only organisation in Australia that polices and enforces the AnimalWelfare Act . Policing the Act involves nine full-time inspectors who respond to each of the4, 000 reports of animal cruelty we receive throughout the state every year . In a case wherea pet owner or farmer is required to appear before a court , the RSPCA funds the lawyers ,court fees and other costs required for the case to be heard . Often the mistreated animal isinjured or very sick and the RSPCA then also pays the bill for their recovery .As well as the inspectors , two rescue officers are employed on the road providing 24 – hour – a -day , seven-day – a – week medical assistance to stray and injured animals . Again , the RSPCAcovers all vehicle , phone and medical costs .The animals that are brought into the shelter each week have their own , unique and oftenhorrific story . Some are strays , some have been dumped , some have been surrendered byowners , and some have been so badly abused they have been seized by the InspectorsWhile many of the animals come through the doors sick , injured , diseased and generallymiserable , the RSPCA’s aim is for them to leave healthy , happy and with new owners .People looking for a new pet can come to the shelters , where fully vaccinated , microchippedand neutered dogs , cats , guinea pigs and rabbits are for sale for a much lower price thananimals available from pet stores and breeders . Owners get the added extra joy of knowingthey are giving an animal a second chance .The Adoptapet program was created as a joint initiative between RSPCA , Bendigo Bank andVisa and has been a huge success for all involvedThe website gives people a chance to view animals ready to be adopted currently at theshelters throughout Australia .Finding the right pet for your lifestyle and housing conditions can be extremely challengingand it takes a great deal of research time and patience to make the correct decision . Thereare numerous things to take into consideration and the Adoptapet website makes this choicea whole lot easier .Page 4 of 9| DOCUMENT NAME : BSBADV509 – Assessment 1Version 1 .1