For the book ANIMAL FARM AS DISSCUSSED You may choose among three prompts for this assignment.

Option #1

Orwell uses the character Napoleon as an example of someone corrupted by power.  Provide specific examples in the form of direct quotes from the text which demonstrate this spiral into corruptness and compare this to the corrupt nature of leaders during the Russian Revolution.

Option #2

Choose three minor characters (Mollie, Benjamin, The Cat, Old Major, Clover, etc.). Discuss the role of each in the novel, using specific evidence in the form of direct quotes from the text to support your analysis. Identify who or what each of these animals represents during the Russian Revolution and explain how each develops Orwell’s allegory.

Option #3

Explore how Orwell makes historical connections to the Russian Revolution and develops his allegory in Animal Farm. Discuss three characters, events, setting, etc. from the novel that show Orwell’s allegory and support your ideas with specific examples and direct quotes from the novel.

MAKE SURE THERE ARE: -Historical Connection: Makes thoughtful connections between the text and Russian Revolution-Organization: Writer logically separates ideas in essay in an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.-Supporting Evidence: Writer presents at least two specific and relevant direct quotes for each body paragraph.-MLA