Look at the Scientific Glass Incorporated case materials (see this week’s Required Readings ).

Look at the Scientific Glass Incorporated case materials (see this week’s Required Readings).

The objectives of this case are for you to explore the challenges of inventory control and to examine Scientific Glass’s (SG’s) options and alternatives in resolving the issues they have identified. Remember inventory management is about facts, specifics and quantitative factors that guide decision making. Avoid generalities and be as detailed as possible in your work.

Here are the questions you should answer:

  1. What are the problems facing SG in 2010?
  2. How do SG’s problems illustrate the relationship between the number of warehouses and inventory levels?
  3. How would you evaluate the alternatives that are available to SG in terms of the options being able to solve SG’s problems?
  4. What specific actions would you recommend to management?

Note: Your work should include a basic quantitative analysis that shows the overall costs of SG’s inventory and a base case for savings based on your recommendations.


  • Length: 750-1,000 word essayNumbers in your analysis do not count towards the word count requirement.
  • Word file, 12-font, double spaced
  • List each question followed by your answer

Refer to the Syllabus for point value of this assignment.