Literature hw beowuld due today


Part B Essay, Option 1: What is the significance of Wiglaf’s actions in Beowulf?

To understand this question, you should know the attitudes and ideals that Beowulf expresses. Think about the values that people respected in the time of Beowulf. As you develop your ideas, think about the interaction between Beowulf, Wiglaf, and the rest of Beowulf’s men. Compare and contrast the characters of each person or group. Consider what happens after Beowulf dies. Use examples from the text to support your thoughts.

Part B Essay, Option 2: In Beowulf, is Grendel an actual monster, a wicked man, or a symbol of immorality?

To figure out this question, think about what Grendel represents. What values did people admire in the time of Beowulf and how does Grendel differ from those values? Grendel may be a strong but immoral person. Use evidence from the text to support your view of whom or what Grendel actually is.

Part B will be graded according to the following rubrics. Point breakdown is: Thesis Statement: 10 points possible Sentence Fluency: 5 points possible Ideas / Content: 10 points possible Conventions: 5 points possible Organization: 10 points possible Citations: 5 points possible Language and Style: 5 points possible Total points possible: 50