Lieracy questions

attached is the questions

1)  What is the connection between reading & writing? _______________________ (2 points)

2)  According to our text, what is Writing Power? (5 points)

3)  What is the Writing Power process? (5 points)

4)  What is alocognition?  Why is it an important concept in Writing Power?  (10 points)

5)  Complete the model below to form your own Brain Pocket.  Include a minimum of 5 items in each category. (15 points)

6)  Describe the difference between walking and climbing stories.  (10 points)

7)  Look at the list of books on pages 36 & 37 in Writing Power.  Pick 1 book to read, either a walking story or climbing story.  Read the book.  What makes your book fit that text structure? Use examples from the book to explain.   (12 points)

Name of Story 


Text Structure

8)  Chapter 3 in What a Writer Needs is about A Love of Words.  The author talks about a “trapdoor” word.  What is his definition of a “trapdoor” word?  What is your “trapdoor” word?  (10 points)

9)  Writing becomes beautiful when it becomes ___________________ ?  (2 points)

10)  How will specificity help a child’s writing?  Look at the Mid-Term Student Writing Sample in the Week 6 folder.  How you would help this child to revise his/her writing to be more specific?  (I know there are several other issues, but for this portion, just concentrate on specificity.)   (15 points)

11)  Using the information from Chapter 5 in What a Writer Needs, describe in paragraph form someone you know well.  (10 points)

12)  How does voice improve a piece of writing?  (5 points)