Sergeant Griffin has recently been promoted and is now in charge of a team of officers assigned to a high-crime area within a South Carolina town. He quickly discovers that the team—consisting of 6 males and 2 females—does not get along. Two of the males and one of the females are “as thick as thieves” and handle their calls quickly and efficiently, but take no initiative in helping the other team members, two of whom are rookies. The senior member of the squad, Ben, has been working for the department for nearly two decades and is nearing retirement. Although he loves working the road, he is disgruntled due to lack of pay increases over the last few years. He often helps the rookies, but feels that he should be compensated in some way. He has no use for the “Trio” and derogatorily refers to them as the Stooges. The other two officers (Cade and Dean) keep to themselves and do decent work. Sgt. Griffin has been told that these two are most likely the next in line for a leadership position, but they must be groomed more before being given that responsibility.

  1. If you were Sgt. Griffin, which issue would you tackle FIRST? Why?
  2. How important is it that this team get along? Should it be Sgt. Griffin’s responsibility to create peace?
  3. What are some ways Sgt. Griffin could groom Cade and Dean?