Internal Controls Discussion/ Informative Essay

1 .To see internal controls in action, look around you. When you go to the store, see what types of internal controls you can identify. At your place of work see if you can identify internal controls that might be in place. After checking out some different places, come up with two internal controls you have observed. It can be at your place of business or when you are a customer (and they don’t have to be from the same place). Describe each of the internal controls and identify which assets these internal controls are safeguarding. Second, find an example of a poor internal control or an example of a situation where an internal control should be implemented. Describe the situation and tell how you would either improve the internal control or implement an internal control if one is lacking.

2. WFS-1790-150911 – Wellness for a Diverse Society

.An informative essay educates the reader about a topic.

Write an informative essay utilizing the following topic:

How can different cultures and countries give us ideas about health and wellness.


The essay must include at least 2 references (utilizing the appropriate APA format).

Please utilize a reference other than the textbook.

The essay must include at least 350 words or more.