Imagine Education Case Study Part B SB4241_ imagine SBMKG418 EDUCATION AUSTRALIA jevelop and apply knowledge of marketing communi PART B -CASE STUDY…

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Imagine EducationCase StudyPart BSB4241_imagineSBMKG418EDUCATION AUSTRALIAjevelop and apply knowledge of marketing communiPART B -CASE STUDYTASK SUMMARY:You are required to undertake research to develop your knowledge of the marketingindustry. You will then use the information gathered to prepare an industry informaRead the following scenario and complete the activities that follow.Success College Australia is a thriving College offering a range of courses in business, marketingand management.Each time a course is advertised, the College develops an informative brochure to include on itsweb site about the industry to give students both more information about the industry that theymay eventually find employment in, as well as help them in their decision as to whether to enrol inthe course.As Success College Australia has recently advertised a number of new courses in marketingcommunication, your role as Marketing Officer is to develop the industry information brief forinclusion in a brochure that will be available on the web site.1. Research the industry in preparation for developing your industry information b. First you will need to identify at least five sources of information that includethe marketing communication industry. You will use this information to develop. The sources of information may vary but should include sources that includemarketing communication industry, as well as sources that may include anecdotas opinion pieces.Prior to preparing your industry information brief, you will need to researchDefinition of marketing communicationTypes of marketing communicationsDefinition of integrated marketing communicationsKey features of integrated marketing communic