Reflect on the main subjects (the athletes) of “Run and Gun,” “Jerry Football,” and “Breaking the Waves,” in terms of ideas we have discussed so far. You might focus on one or more of the following questions: What kind of hero is depicted, as per our discussion of the three types? What is the most interesting connection to Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” and what is the most interesting difference? (Don’t cover all 12 phases). How does suffering play out in this story? What are the most relevant virtues and/or vices that play out through this subject? Does hubris play a part? (We will cover hubris, virtues and vices on Wednesday)

Please don’t answer all of these questions. You can focus on one story, but I want you to also compare/contrast the other two stories, in some way, in your reflection. 

Formulate a brief (3-4 paragraph) essay that expresses a clear overall idea. Be sure to edit for grammar and typos.