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CHAPTER 11Assignments/Activities

ATTENTION: Answer the following questions forassignments listed in a Word document and submit them through theassignment Drop Box.

INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES (IA):15 Points. A. 1-5 (5), B. 1-2 (4), C. 1-2 (3), D(3).

PARAGRAPH RESPONSES (PR): 15 Points C.3 (5), ., E (10).

  1. Re-read pp281-283.  Review the Map 11-1 p. 282and Figure 11-1, p. 283.

Cite five specific facts that link theincreased production of cotton to the territorial expansion of slavery.

  1. Chaffey Library eRes, “The Trials of a Slave Girl.” Answer questions 1-2. Not questionsin excerpt.
    1. Based upon your reading of this excerptfrom Harriet Jacobs’ narrative, what power and influence did thematriarchs of the slave family have in both the slave community and amongwhite owners?  (Matriarchs refersto slave women, like Harriet’s grandmother).
    2. Why do you think the wives and mothersof slave owners did not do more to stop the physical and sexual abuse offemale slaves? Keep in mind what you have learned about the status ofwomen in society in general.
  1. Chaffey Library eRes. George Fitzhugh, The Blessings ofSlavery (1857).  Answer questions 1-3.
    1. How does Fitzhugh support his claimthat, “The negro slaves of the South are the happiest, and in some sense,the freest people in the world”?
    2. Identify and explain the author’sarguments in favor of the institution of slavery.
    3. As a final part of this assignment,write a one paragraph response from Harriet Jacobs to George Fitzhughrefuting his ‘blessings of slavery’ idea. Reference the satirical painting, “Virginia Luxuries” which is onthe Moodle Chapter 11 assignment page as you challenge Fitzhugh’sidealized version of slavery.
  1. Overview. Review the table on p. 297 of the text and cite three facts youhave discovered and how it helps you understand the class distinctions ofsouthern society.

E. Chaffey Library eRes. Study the review of Stephanie McCurry’s 1995 puiblication, Masters ofSmall Worlds.  As always, review your text as well focusingon the fact that only 25-30 % of Confederate soldiers were slave-owners.  There is also a reference in the text to theidea that for the Confederacy, ‘It was arich man’s war but a poor man’s fight’. Write a thorough explanation, at least two paragraphs,  summarizing McCurry’s research as to whythese Southerners fought to preserve slavery for the elite class.