HI Tutors,Please give me some advise here.Provide an example where a colleague lacked

HI Tutors,

Please give me some advise here.

 Provide an example where a colleague lacked

the willingness to listen, and as a result, a project, or goal was compromised.

 Provide an example where you detoured or debated while listening to a colleague.

What are four things a manager should do to become physically and psychologically prepared to listen? Discuss each. 

Observe the nonverbal signals of two individuals of different ranks in an organization as they interact with each other. What differences do you note in terms of gestures, smiling, movement, and voice?

A statement by an international businessperson: “I’m trying to bring some conveniences and comforts and some progress to these people. If they want these things, they are going to have to do business my way and on my terms.”