Global Health

Now that you have learned from our course team and our guests about a wide variety of topics related to improving and measuring healthcare quality around the world, it’s your turn to educate us! Have fun with this final writing assignment and consider it a unique opportunity to educate yourself and others in the course about a topic that’s specific to your work or your location.

In a five-paragraph essay (between 250 and 500 words), please write about a recent example of healthcare quality in your location. Your topic could include:

– an example of the importance of quality- an example of measuring quality- an example of improving quality

Search online or look on local news websites for examples. You may also consult recent magazines or journals. Please try your best to identify a story or example that is specific to your home country.

Your submission should have the following parts:

Introduction: describe the example you have found and identify why you think it is important.

2-3 paragraphs of analysis: you might consider how your example compliments or contradicts something you learned in this course. You might also describe how conditions changed over time before and after the example you’re writing about occurred.

Conclusion: identify the impact of your chosen example. What impact will it have on people, or on costs? Will the impact have a reach outside of your country?

Citing sources: At a minimum, you should cite at least one source to identify where the example you’re writing about came from. Keep in mind that you should only consult reputable publications and websites, produced by legitimate media or other professional organizations. Your citation does not need to fit any particular style, but you should include a hyperlink if the source is available online.