Theater 121 discussion

Imagine this situation:  You are in charge of a summer theatre held on a university campus.  On that campus, you have one proscenium stage, one thrust stage, and one arena stage.  You also have a budget restriction that leads to having only one scenic designer, one costume designer, and one lighting designer on staff.  Because of a time restriction involving all three shows opening in the same week, you must decide which theatre space gets which designer; they can only work on one production/one stage each.  Decide which space gets the scenic designer, which space gets the costume designer, and which space gets the lighting designer.  Explain why you made these choices.

NOTE:  Think of this as a puzzle game. There are really only two “wrong” answers in these combinations; will you avoid those traps? 

Add a paragraph in which you guess which two combinations would be the “wrong” answers and explain why those two combinations wouldn’t be useful.