Film Analysis 5 : Pride (2007) Sun Govera

Part A.

EXAMPLE:     Film Analysis (Follow this example)


Leading Cast Members:

Begin by writing the film’s plot (Do not retell the whole film) in one well-written paragraph using your own words.

In the second paragraph, you should state some insight about the characterization of the characters in the film. (Use the following questions to guide your response).

  • Describe the physical description of any two main characters in the plot.
  • What are the character’s most innermost dreams, feelings, and thoughts?
  • What are the character’s reactions towards each other during the development of the plot? 
  • What are the character’s internal struggle and agonies towards awareness or understanding of them selves?
  • Explain the character’s motives, and reasons for their actions.
  • What forces them to perform as they do?
  • Give reasons for any physical change in character.
  • Compare one or more characters.

How does the character respond to others in his or her environment? 

Part B.


INSTRUCTIONS: After viewing the film “Pride” more than once, think about the statement and respond to the questions below:

Focus on the film “Pride” as moral, or making a social statement. In this approach, it is called the humanistic approach because we are focusing our attention on the statement that makes the film important. The humanistic approach is built around a statement that teaches us something. In this kind of evaluation, we must determine if the acting and the characters have meaning beyond the context of the film itself, morally, or socially that helps us gain a clearer understanding of some aspect of life, human nature, or the human condition.

We judge the film as an expression of ideas that reflect intellectual, moral, social, or cultural importance that influence our lives for the better.

Acting, cinematography, lighting, editing, sound, and screenwriting are all judged in terms of how effectively they contribute to the communication of the film’s theme.     

  1. In the film “Pride”, what statement does the film make?
  1.  How significant is the truth we learn from that statement?

·         Identify ONE SCENE describe the character(s), setting, and dialogue?

  1. In the film “Pride”. Explain how the film attempts to influence our lives for the better?
  1. What beliefs and actions does the film “Pride” attempt to change? Explain
  1. Is the moral or social statement made in “Pride” a universal statement or is it restricted to our own time and place? Explain
  1. How relevant is the theme of “Pride” to our own experiences in life? Explain