Explain how a negative message can be effective.Write a well-formed business letter.Write a well-formed negative message.Rejecting Opportunities Strategically you are required to write two negative me

  • Explain how a negative message can be effective.
  • Write a well-formed business letter.
  • Write a well-formed negative message.

Rejecting Opportunities Strategically

 you are required to write two negative messages AND two short essays.

  • Your negative messages should demonstrate an understanding in the application of the negative message principles from the background reading.
  • Your short essays should define and explain the negative principles you used from the background reading, how you used them in your essays, and explain the importance and value of the negative message principles you used.

(Scenario 1) You have been approached by a head hunter who has a job for you. However, for various reasons (which you will invent for this exercise), you decided to decline the opportunity, and go for the job you really want .Write an email to the recruiter explaining your reasons for declining the opportunity. Be sure to apply the principles covered in this module.

(Scenario 2) The company you are currently working for has decided to increase your responsibilities by adding you to a newly established committee for a new project. Your manager feels that your experience and skills are suited for the position on the committee. You are currently overwhelmed by work, and given the lack of incentives (neither added compensation nor a promotion), you have decided to politely decline. Write an email to your General Manager explaining the situation. (Note: this is not a letter of resignation. You are merely declining the added responsibility while still remaining at your current job).

In both cases, include a discussion explaining the concepts applied. Proper citations and a bibliography are necessary.