EBP Journal Article

EBP Journal Article

Leadership Team

What kind of Article do I pick?

First review the group project problem and title.

Use key words from your problem for your lookup inquiry. i.e. infection control, nurse, retention, etc.

Use EBP articles no more than 5 years old.

Make sure you put your name at the top and include your article citation in 7th ed. APA format of your assignment – see exemplar.



EBP Journal Article in APA Format


Student Name: XXXXXXXX

EPB Journal Article in APA format:

Sánchez, M., Suárez, M., Asenjo, M., & Bragulat, E. (2018). Improvement of emergency department patient flow using lean thinking. International Journal For Quality In Health Care: Journal Of The International Society For Quality In Health Care, 30(4), 250–256. https://doi.org/10.1093/intqhc/mzy017

(- Authors – Last name, first initial. Followed by Date in ( parenthesis); Followed by a period. Journal article starts with a capital letter and all other words are lowercase except for words following a colon, semicolon or period within the title. Journal title each letter at the beginning od the word is a capital. This is followed by the volume, chapter and pages. https://www.scribbr.com/apa-style/in-text-citation / )

2 points – EBP

thE Problem and The Goal

SWOT – “S” is for strengths

Strength – Example: Did they have support of the peers, manager, CEO. Did this project improve patient satisfaction, quality, efficiency? Usually found in the literature review and results


SWOT – “W” is for Weakness


Weakness – Example: This is the opposite. Why was this weak? Not enough education, no support, not enough money because of the expense? Usually found in the problem of the literature review, results and limitations.



Swot – “O” is for Opportunity


Opportunity – Example: If there wasn’t enough education, is this an opportunity? A better survey or tool? Usually found in results or limitation and future implications.


Swot – “t” is for Threats


Threat – Example: Increased infection, possible death, etc. Usually found in the literature review.