DS 1

A New Agenda, a New Paradigm

In your readings for this week, Fullan and Scott propose a “new agenda” for higher education. Barr and Tagg suggest a new paradigm focused on learning rather than instruction. In the video, John Tagg elaborates on his development of this new paradigm and what might be needed to shift practice in higher education toward a greater focus on the learner. At the same time, he discusses the significant barriers that exist for both faculty and students to engage in “deep,” rather than “surface,” approaches to learning. In the interactive multimedia, you were able to further explore practices at both the classroom and institutional level that could encourage deeper approaches to learning.

For this week’s Discussion, consider your past experience as an instructor, staff member, and/or student. What aspects of these new aims and approaches have you observed? What aspects appear to fit the “old” model more closely?By Wednesday:Post your perspective on which aspects of your past experience in higher education fit the learning paradigm and encourage deep approaches to learning, and which aspects more closely fit the instructional paradigm and encourage surface approaches to learning. Additionally, if you are currently working in a college or university, what would be required to shift your institution toward these new aims and approaches? What would be the benefits as well as challenges of this institutional shift?