Dance Critique about Drama: “Spring Awakening”

The format for the dance critique is as follows:

Turned in class, not emailed.  First page is the title page (Name, Course Name, Date, Title of your critique).  Two pages of content follow title page. Pages must be oriented in Portrait, 12pt font, double spaced, 1″margins.

With the critique, you must also turn in a program and/or ticket stub from the performance.

The content of the critique must include the following:

Basic information about the performance itself–when, where, who, what.  This is in your introductory paragraph along with the overall point you are going to elaborate on in the body of your paper.  What are the main points you would like to cover?  This is in your introduction.  The paragraphs that follow then discuss your main points.  Your conclusion then illustrates how you arrived at your main point.  It does not restate what you have in the introduction, but it shows the reader that because of all the points discussed in your paper, you arrive at this conclusion.

Attached are some helpful resources for writing critiques and general writing tips.  Please make a copy of these materials and read through them.  If you would like to show me a draft before the due date, this is fine.  If I have recommended that you see a tutor, please do so as this is the main writing assignment for the course.