This is a creativity class. what we always do is that every week we do a project and i attached the Projects that we did. What i want you to do is to read the Projects and answer the following questions as an essay and they should be from 300-500 words each. Also im an computer engineering if that would help you to answering the questions For problem 2 you can take a quote from the (Goldworthy project) there is a film inside it look at it and take what ever you want.


What was your “favorite” workshop this semester? Why? Beyond the actual activities performed in the workshop, what else did you value as a learning experience? How can you apply what you learned in the workshop to other pursuits, including your present and/or future work and life? 300-500 words.


Of the various quotes written on the board this semester, which one was the most valuable to you? Why? How does that quote inspire you and apply to your life: your challenges, pursuits, and interests? Which quote was the least valuable to you? Why? Did you disagree with it, not understand it, find it irrelevant or presumptuous or annoying? Briefly explain.