Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee YouTube video clips, communications answer help

Part 1

CongresswomanSheila Jackson Lee is serving her ninth term as a member of the United StatesHouse of Representatives. She represents the 18th Congressional District ofTexas, centered in Houston, which is the energy capital of the world.


Watchthis youtube video clip of Shelia Jackson Lee.

Answerthe following questions listed below. (Read a Pocket Guide to Public Speaking –Fourth Edition by O’Hair, Rubenstein, & Stewart)

1. What is the topic?

2. What is the rhetoricalsituation of the speech? (Read page 8 of a Pocket Guide to Public Speaking)

3. Is the speaker effectiveor ineffective? List the specific qualities that make the speaker good or bad.

*** Answereach question with a minimum of five sentences.

Part 2

Watch the YouTube video clip Clueless.


Purpose:To help students identify effective and ineffective forms of feedback.

***Read page 7of aPocket Guide to Public Speaking (pertaining to feedback).


Watchthe video clip Clueless. Pay particular attention to the audiencefeedback and discuss the following;

  1. How you would feel if youreceived the same feedback

  2. Ways the speaker canappropriately respond to such feedback.

*** Answer each question with a minimum of fivesentences.