Case Study on: The United Airlines Passenger Removal Scandal. It is worth 35%. Introduction :

Introduction: summarize the incident in broad strokes, providing accurate dates, locations, and names. Of course, this will be only a refresher for the recipient as s/he already knows what happened.

Analysis: analyses f tweets made by public and social media. Example of tweet where United Airlines take full responsibility of the event . Reflect on all the possible ways in which United Airlines can get this PR disaster under control. What can be done?

Conclusion: list specific recommendations for CEO Oscar Munoz to placate public hostility.

  1. How, through what channel should Munoz accept full responsibility for Dr. Dao’s mistreatment?
  2. Which channels and platforms would likely be most effective—i. e., Twitter, letter to the public, video?
  3. What kind of language should Munoz use in his acceptance communication? Which words and sentiments should be emphasized to re-gain the public’s trust in the brand?
  4. What kind of language should Munoz use when referring to the mistreated passenger, Dr. Dao? What choice of words would satisfy the public that Munoz’s apology is sincere, that he sincerely regrets Dr. Dao’s mistreatment?
  5. What promises could Munoz make to the public to ensure such incidents will never recur on a United Airlines flight? What new policies or practices could be realistically promised to re-gain the public’s good will?