Business 101 Questions

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1. Identify the four levels of a company’s ethical environment. How does ethical leadership contribute to ethical standards throughout a company?

2. What is entrepreneurship, and why is it important today, distinguish between venture capitalists and angel investors. Give examples from the current market place.

3. How is leadership defined, Identify the styles of leadership as they appear along a continuum of greater or lesser employee participation, and identity the relationship between leadership style and corporate culture – give examples.

4. What are the four steps in the process of motivation, Explain goal-setting theory and describe three ways that managers restructure jobs to increase employee motivation.

5. What are the two main production systems and what are the two time-related production processes and discuss any benefits vs drawbacks of computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM).

6. Differentiate among a brand, a brand name and trademark? Define brand equity and how important is building a brand for the success of the company.

7. Define retailer, What are the elements of a retailer’s marketing strategy? Define wholesaling, differentiate between wholesaler and an agent or broker in terms of title to the goods.

8. What are the two basic types of advertising? into what three categories do they fall? What is the leading advertising medium in the united states, and why?

9. What is a cost-based pricing formula, why do companies implement competitive pricing strategies? Discuss price – quality strategy relationship.

10. List the four components of a components of a computer -based information system. What is a database? What are the two general types of information systems, give examples of each?