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Brave new world

Time management is often a problem when creating the research essay. The “Annotated Bibliography” is an excellent tool for organizing research materials, and saving precious time when it comes to that irksome, yet all too necessary “Work’s Cited” page. More importantly, it gets you started on doing the research. We will peruse a detailed sample together at our upcoming meeting.

With that in mind, for this week’s Canvas entry, provide at least 2 annotations in MLA style, preferably of the sources you plan to use for WP#5. At least 2 must be from a scholarly journal. Follow each source formatted for an MLA “Works Cited” page with a brief descriptive and evaluative sentence, a kind of scholarly note to yourself. See example below:

Montzka, S. A., E. J. Dlugokencky, and J. H. Butler. “Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change.” Nature 476.7358 (2011): 43-50. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Sept. 2017.

Montzka’s research warns that the anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases are causing global warming particularly waste produced by fossil fuel. I will use this essay to include detailed effects on the atmosphere from greenhouse gases.

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