Being ada[table- current with social media

LP1 Assignment: Being adaptable – current with social media

This assignment will assess the competency 1. Describe the foundations of professional communication.


Conduct an Online Internet search on a company or organization of your choice. Once you have decided on the company or organization, conduct an Online Internet search of the following 4 social media websites: Facebook, Linked In, YouTube, and Twitter. If you do not have accounts with these social media websites, you should still go to their pages and see what you can see from a “guest” perspective.Analyze how the company or organization uses each of the 4 social media websites.  Do they use social media for advertising? Communicating with customers? News? Etc. Take notes as you review each social media website.  Then, after completing your review and analysis, write a 2 page essay summarizing your findings.  Be sure to explicitly explain what you found on each social media website.Essay should be a minimum of 500 words (2 pages), double-spaced, and in 12-point font. Please cite all references and ensure that the paper is plagarism- free and free from gramatical/spelling errors.