Assignment: You’re working in the Finance department of Wayne Enterprises.

MBA Finance Investors Report. Assignment: You’re working in the Finance department of Wayne Enterprises. Your company has experienced a high volume of sales and therefore it has more liquid assets (cash) then initially anticipated. Your line manager, in an attempt to diversify the portfolio, is thinking of investing £0.5 Million in shares of Tesco plc. Your line manager has asked for your opinion on the matter and has highlighted two main concerns about the potential investment; which are: the riskiness of the investment and whether the company is profitable. The financial statements of the company in their annual reports. You are required to use the accounting figures from the before exceptional items in your analysis. – See attached – Annual Report of Tesco – Attached are the module units of course work that is to be used in writing the report on Tesco PLC (Units 1 – 12) – Especially Unit 5 which focuses on Ratios, and particularly the investors ratios The coursework should be in essay format and must be structured, with separate sections and, preferably, headings. Your essay should be 1600 – 2000 of your own words, it should be Word processed and you must keep a copy. State the word count at the end – this can be found on the ‘Tools’ tab on the menu bar in word. This word limit will require you to be selective in what you include. More marks are available for your own discussion and observations than for sections taken from books or websites. Any material that you quote or refer to in your work must be referenced fully giving details of its source, author etc. and use the APA 6th referencing system in the assignments. It is not acceptable to include large sections from such sources and journal articles: the vast majority of the essay should be in your own words.