Application: Initial Reflection on Teaching and Learning

For this first Assignment, reflect on your experience as an instructor and/or college student. Prepare a short paper that addresses the following questions:

  • What have instructors done that encouraged you to take a deep learning approach? What have they done that encouraged a more surface approach?
  • If you teach or have taught, what do you do in your teaching practice that encourages deep learning in your students? What do you do that encourages a more surface approach?
  • If you took one or both of the online surveys provided in the Optional Resources, what did these tell you about your goals for teaching? Are there any indications in this information that you might be more likely to encourage a deep versus a surface approach in students?
  • As you think about your future practice as a college teacher, what do you worry most about regarding teaching and your students? What do you most want to achieve? What would it take to do so?

Note: You should only address those questions that are relevant to you and your experience; if you are not currently teaching at the college level, or have not taught, you may skip question #2.

(Assignment length: 1–2 pages)

Submit your Application by Sunday.