Analysis Paper #2–Literary Analysis–Due March 8th at Midnight

first part (due on 6th march)

Revising, Editing, and Assistance

For this assignment, post your introduction to your paper as well as one body paragraph including any one section of analysis (claims, support, warrants, strengths, and weaknesses). Underneath your post, ask for specific assistance from your classmate. For example, you might ask for help in the following areas:

Main Idea/Thesis

Content Development



Use of Resources


Grammar & Mechanics

Sentence Structure

Word Choice

Second part (dues on 8th march)

The purpose for this paper is to introduce and practice the art and science of analysis that will be needed in other courses. The assignment also provides students with the opportunity to critically read. The reading to be used for this assignment will be attached at this location. Only the final draft of the essay is due for this submission. 

Here are the directions:1. Read Crito (attached) carefully, which is attached in this assignment link as well as here:

2. Next, in essay form identify the following components:

a. the main proposition (claim) along with its type, other minor claims (if any)

b. the types of support (ethos, pathos, logos)

c. the assumptions (warrants) that the author is making.d. the strengths of the argument. What makes the argument strong, convincing, and successful?

e. the weaknesses in the claim, support or warrant. What fallacies or weaknesses in logic are present in the argument? How could the argument be proven to be false?Format:I typically do not place a minimum or maximum length on my assignments. Even so, I want to see that you have an in depth understanding of what the main point of the story is and how it was constructed. The most important error you need to avoid is summarizing the essay to be analyzed.This analysis normally takes about 3-4 pages to fully elaborate on the points in each step. The more effective you are at analyzing, the better you will be at writing your own arguments. The paper will be written in paragraph format-not listing and just as any other papers in this class, these assignments should be typed, double-spaced, 12pt standard font, and 1” margins. **Don’t forget to follow the conventions of writing by using a focused introduction and conclusion.