All 4 assignments are attached that go with this final part.Submit a 10–14 slide

Conclusion (1–2 slides): Describe the change(s) you recommend in the product or marketing strategy that you believe will increase the market potential for the product. Explain why you think this approach is superior to the other alternatives you listed, including the evidence you have to support your conclusion.
Appendices: List the resources you used to develop your company, product, and market information, citing them as appropriate within slides where evidence is provided. Each appendix should help build understanding and contextual information necessary to explore and advocate a marketing strategy.

The best test of the effectiveness of your presentation is actually making the presentation to a friend or colleague, showing the slides, and talking through the notes. Ensure that the ideas are sequenced to make sense to another person who is not familiar with them and supported well enough that this person can see the logic of the ideas.

Marketing strategyInstitution AffiliationStudent NameInstructor NameCourseDue date L ‘Oreal S.A Company(Skin whitening cream)Improving the marketingstrategy for the product Process…