25$. ONLY LITERATURE BACKGROUNDS WILL GET REPLIES. 5 Days (or earlier) for 800 words in total. 4 different readings and 4 SEPARATE repors

Drama Character Reports: For each of the four plays, students will be assigned to write a 200-word analysis of a character from each play. The analysis should consider that each individual in the plays has a flaw in his or her character (i.e. pride, naivete, selfishness, etc.). Focus your analyses on what your characters’ major flaws would be. How do the flaws affect their choices and actions? Do they ultimately recognize where they went wrong? Do they suggest any ownership of the consequences of their actions? Students should ultimately try to uncover what the playwright wants readers/viewers to think about the character, how the theme of the play is delivered through the character, and what specific quotes, passages, events, or relationships help to decipher the playwright’s message.

From Othello(William Shakespeare), evaluate the character IAGO for the themes of pride, deception and honor.

From Hedda Gabler(Henrik Ibsen), evaluate the character TESMAN for the themes of pride, honor and jealousy.

From The Importance of Being Earnest(Oscar Wilde), evaluate the character ALGERNON for the themes of family, love and morality.

From The Glass Menagerie(Tennessee Williams), evaluate the character AMANDA for the themes of family, love and expectations